About Comecero

Comecero was created by a team that has been in the ecommerce industry for more than 15 years. During that time we've worked with dozens of commerce systems and thousands of businesses all over the world. Based on that experience, we built Comecero. We believe the solution Comecero offers will enable you to rapidly develop and maintain incredibly powerful ecommerce applications tailored to your exact specifications. We like to say commerce without compromise.

Our core values

These are the core values we strive to live by each day.


We believe in being open and honest in everything we do. We believe in the value we provide and are ready to show it.


You put great faith in us, and we take our stewardship seriously. We will fight to prove we are worthy of your confidence.


Innovation empowers individuals to create, develop and become. We believe in creating environments that enable and inspire.

Who we are

Our management team is comprised of savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts.

David Halls

More than 20 years experience in online commerce. Founded, grew and sold an ecommerce outsourcing business. Strong technical and software development background.

Trevor Black

Over 25 years ecommerce experience. Grew self funded startup company to profitability and sale. Passion for new vertical markets and new business opportunities.

Peter Vogt

Executive with over 30 years of experience including administrative and strategic leadership of international audit & compliance, legal services & staff counsel, vendor management and budgets.

Jason Foodman (Advisor)

Played a major role in the software industry having founded and/or participated in FastSpring and Global Delight, SwiftCD, RegSoft, and Rebate Delivery. Fortune, Entrepreneur and Software Business have all featured Mr. Foodman who enjoys traveling, weightlifting and boating.

Tom Beidle (Advisor)

SaaS executive with over 20 years of distinguished experience overseeing all business operations, securing strategic partnerships and driving revenue growth.

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